California Dreamin’!

Jack and I just got back last night from our trip to California to see my parents.  We had a wonderful visit.  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma.  It is no shock to anyone that I do love California.  As I sat on the beach last week I thought, I could really get used to this.  A blanket on the beach, sitting under the umbrella, drinking a cold water from the little cooler and watching Jack play in the sand.  It is ideal really.

But we are so happy to be home with Dan.  We missed him.  Jack can’t stop smiling when he sees him.  And neither can I really!


Our first stop after the airport was the Gaffey Street Diner in Long Beach.  It was on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives awhile back.  And, well, I love that show so my dad wanted to take us there.  It was a good breakfast stop.  I love blueberry pancakes and they were ginormous.  We then went down to Santa Monica Beach.  We walked to the pier.  Grandpa tried to convince Jack to touch the brown pelican.  I thought I might die at the thought since that is one huge and ugly bird!


Jack liked the cold California water and the soft, soft sand.  He crawled after the pigeons and seagulls, smashed the sandcastles my dad made and dug all over with his hands.  At one point he just wanted to show the sand some love and face planted right in the sand on purpose and laughed when he came up.  I was dying.  It was too funny.


The rest of the time we just chilled in the B-town.  We ran errands, made ice cream, went to Church, had BBQ, played cards and went for long walks.  It was relaxing and nice.  Jack was a little saint baby.  He slept all night every night and took better naps there than at home.  He loved the neck pillow my parents had.  It made him so happy.  He even made his super funny face for Grandma which made her super happy.  A bit of “Jack news” from the trip…we can see his first tooth.  Since I am not a expert teething parent yet, I can’t tell you how far away it is from coming through, but it is definitely there and close, I think.


Yesterday we drove down early to the L.A. area.  My mom watched Jack while I went to the temple.  I was so happy to go the Los Angeles Temple.  It was lovely.  Plus I got to show Jack where his mommy and daddy got married.  Then we stopped in Whittier to visit with my Aunt Claire.  I miss seeing all of my cousins!  I hope we can reunite sometime soon.  After that, we flew home.  Jack is an expert traveller.  I am so lucky.  Thanks again mom and dad for a wonderful time!  See you in 4 1/2 weeks!

4 Replies to “California Dreamin’!”

  1. Jack looks like such a little California Surfer baby in that picture on the beach!! Of course I hope that you all don’t go back too soon!

  2. What a perfect vacation!! Jack is one happy cute little dude. I’m glad to hear that he traveled and slept well. You can’t ask for much more than that. I need to visit California again…it’s been way too long.

  3. Such a legend. And I think we may have captured a shot of the Pacific Nessie in that second photo.

  4. Oh, Jack Jack we miss you! Thank heavens we’ll be able to see you in four weeks so we can play some more. We love you too Amy. Thanks for coming and hanging out with us and thanks Dan for loaning your family to us for a week. No pressure—but Jack sure did love the So. Cal. beaches. California dreaming!

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