This is such a hard thing to write about given the current state of things with BYU football.  But back in September, we were all pretty excited about BYU football so we took the kids to an afternoon game.  It was blistering hot.  We were all melting.  Jack ended up with heat stroke of some kind and threw up everywhere.  Sorry other people in the stands!  Thankfully Grandpa saved the day and found us some unused seats in the shade.  It was a much better game after we moved.  The kids loved the game after that even little Lukester!  And the Cougs were victorious which at this point is a distant memory.  Oh BYU Football…you always let me down!

4 Replies to “Cougars”

  1. It makes me feel like Jack did every time I think about it…sick to my stomach. At least we have some shining moments and that you got to enjoy them in their glory. I need to get my kids to one of these games one year. It is high on my list!

  2. I hadn’t heard about this outing. Love the kids in their BYU gear. Glad gramps could find some shade and help the kiddos out. Dang cougs and all their misfortunes–some caused themselves but all those injuries just did us in.

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