Birthday Boy Jack

On September 29th our Jack turned 6!  We had the best time celebrating at Classic Fun Center with a handful of his friends.  They had unlimited access to the skating rink and track (where they rode their scooters), the bounce houses and slides, the blast zone, and lots of coins to play the arcades.  We had some pizza, ate cake and opened presents there too.  Jack had the most fun ever and talks about going back all the time.  I had the best time watching him with his buddies.  He requested a Wolverine cake this year so I tried my best!  I was pretty proud with how it turned out.

Jack at 6 years old is full of energy and life.  He is loving school which we are grateful for.  He loves to tease his sister but can also be her biggest supporter.  He is getting really good at video games which his Dad is so proud of.  He enjoys reading for his homework everyday.  He has made a few new friends in our neighborhood and loves to play with them.  He is becoming more and more confident in things that he used to be afraid of like riding his bike, climbing high on the playground and crossing the monkey bars.  It is fun to watch him conquer his fears.  He loves to make Luke laugh in the car.  We are so grateful for him in our family!

6 year old stats:

50.4 lbs (90%)

48.5 inches (95%)

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  1. So glad I got to know this great kid a little better this week. Classic skate is awesome. We went there in February and had such a blast. Kid heaven! Your cake is really amazing.

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