Fall festivities

Oh this blog…I am determined to get caught up and yet, I am so far behind.  Sigh…

We had an absolutely lovely October here in Utah.  The weather was amazing.  We were still wearing short sleeves and walking Jack to and from school most days.  It was so nice.  We took advantage of the great weather and did some of our usual fall outings.

The Red Barn

We ventured down to Santaquin for our annual trip to the Red Barn.  It is so fun there.  Every year they have added a new fun activity for the kids to do it.  This year it was the riding tractors.  They could not get enough.  Luke loved searching for pumpkins.  He was the cutest kid at the patch I think.  We enjoyed ice cream and apple cider donuts afterwards and took home 2 gallons of fresh apple juice…YUM!

Pumpkin Walk

The Pumpkin Walk in Logan is becoming such a fun tradition.  I can’t believe that every year we have gone we have had such fabulous weather.  It was plenty warm this year too.  The creations from pumpkins and other squash are amazing.  We loved that the Lego movie and Frozen made it this year!  Sophie was obsessed with the cardboard cutouts.  It was by far her favorite part!

Lehi Beauty

It is true that I was not excited about living in Lehi.  It just sounds so Mormon.   That is horrible to say because I love being Mormon.  But for a California girl, living in Utah has already taken away some of my pride, and then to live in Lehi on top of that!  Oy!  Hahaha…but we have had some beautiful scenes here.  One morning the sunrise was to die for in our neck of the woods.  And I was not the only person outside taking pictures.  It was unbelievably beautiful.  And it was super fun to watch these bushes in our front yard turn to this beautiful shade of red in the fall.  Loved every second of it!


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  1. I’m determined to catch up too, but I’m still working on last summer!!! It really doesn’t seem that long ago, but there’s so much. You’re fall activities are so fun, and the sunrise really is amazing.

  2. Who knew there was such fun things to do at the Red Barn (we just filled our bell with ice cream and apple juice. A Pumpkin walk in Logan–never heard of it. Love the cut outs myself. They make me laugh. A view on Cabella Hill–Awesome!

  3. Fall is the very best! Lukie toots definitely was the cutest kid at the patch and Buggy as all her favorite princesses in Logan…too much! It might be even worse that we BOTH live in Lehi now!

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