Fall Break

Now that we have a kid in school we really have to take advantage of when he has breaks.  So when Jack had 3 days off from school in October we traveled to one of our favorite destinations…Boise!  We always love our time there.  The kids absolutely love being together.  They are as wild as can be but really do get along great.  We enjoyed going to the pumpkin patch together and watching Isaac’s soccer game.  My poor brother, Ryan, has started school again so he was locked in his room a good amount of the time.  So sad.  But he did make time for at least one card game!  Thanks Cosby’s for having us once again!

3 Replies to “Fall Break”

  1. I also love the tub picture!!! So great to have them within driving distance. Those precious school breaks can’t be wasted 🙂

  2. Wow, that is quite the slide. No more kiddies for you two ladies, no more would fit in the tub. Haha! Soph and the boys.

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