Our first Halloween party was at Grandma Grossen’s.  She always makes a fun night for us with games and prizes.  We all lucked out with a few more gift cards to use on our Disney Cruise.  You can’t beat that!  And isn’t Brittany so creative?  I was seriously so impressed.

Our kids really got in to the pumpkin carving this year.  They had some major opinions about what we should carve.  And Jack was insistent that he wanted to make his own real jack-o-lantern.  I thought it was pretty cute.  We even got Luke to touch the pumpkin guts.  Our other 2 kids at this age were not a fan, but he didn’t seem to mind.  Don’t you just love Dan’s Doc Brown pumpkin from Back to the Future?  He is a carving master!

Halloween morning we spent at Jack’s school watching the kids Halloween parade.  It was pretty cute.  And there were at least 200 girls dressed up as Elsa.  Haha…  Jack thought it was pretty cool to have us there.  And all I could think is, “This will be my life for the next 10+ Halloweens.”  I can’t believe I have a kid in school!

I’m not sure how we did it, but we lucked out again this year with great weather on Halloween night.  We were invited to a party in our old neighborhood so we started the night there among our great friends.  It was really hard to leave and drive to the new neighborhood to do the trick-or-treating.  But we wanted to establish our new traditions.  When we got back home, the streets were pretty quiet.  It seemed we missed the peak hour (6 pm) for knocking doors.  But we still made the most of it.  Sophie wore out quickly so we headed home sooner than I thought we would.  But we still made out with more candy than we needed.  The kids love Halloween!  They sure make it fun for me every year.


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  1. Cutest Wolverine, Belle, and little dragon out there! Kids do make it fun because otherwise, it’s pretty dang boring and weird when you think about it.

  2. I love the costumes! The pumpkins are very impressive!!! The trick-or-treating here always dies down early too.

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