Birthday Boy Luke

I love this little Luke.  He really has brought so much joy to our home.  His birthday was on a Saturday this year.  Dan ended up having to work to prepare for our 10 day vacation coming up so most of the day we just played at home.  I took time to make his cupcakes and he loved playing with the blowed up balloons.  During the day, Luke’s nose started to run like crazy and then a little fever started to set in.  This poor baby can never catch a break.  Not even on his birthday.  (Later that week we went to the doctor and he ended up having a double ear infection)  That night we went to Zaxby’s for his birthday dinner.  Nothing like some good fried chicken!  He loves it and their Texas toast.  When we got home we opened presents.  I only bought him one new toy.  The rest were old toys that I had boxed up.  Hey…they are new to him!  I thought it was a brilliant idea.  This house really does not need one more toy!  Next we sang Happy Birthday and gave him his cupcake.  He took one look at it, touched the frosting a little and started to cry.  And then proceeded to throw up.  So glad I tried so hard on the cupcakes!  Just kidding.  It was a pretty low key birthday.  But he wasn’t feeling the best so it suited him just fine!


Luke at One

— Walks around the furniture with ease.  But not brave enough to step away just yet

–Says 3 words…Na Na (night, night), Da Da (Daddy and Jack), What’s that (all run together and said while pointing up)

— A good eater.  But having a lot of trouble with throwing up.  He seems to gag or choke.  And then proceeds to empty his stomach.  It doesn’t happen everyday but close to every other.  Sad.

— A good sleeper.  He takes 2 naps per day and sleeps pretty close to 12 straight hours at night.

— A happy boy.  He loves to dance and has great moves.  He loves to play with Sophie and Jack.  But also likes when they keep their distance and don’t smother him.

— Pretty attached to his momma at this stage.

— Can do his shape puzzle all by himself

— Stats:  16lbs. 15 oz. (2%), 28.5 inches (9%), 19 inch head (97%)  He lost 6 ounces since his 9 month visit.  We have got to figure this throwing up out!

4 Replies to “Birthday Boy Luke”

  1. He is the cutest little kid out there! Poor little guy! Love him so so much! Happy Birthday my little Lukie Toots!

  2. Those cupcakes are adorable!! And so is he! We did the same thing and didn’t buy a single present for Lily at Christmas (besides the combined gift of the kitchen) and wrapped a bunch of old toys. Such a great idea!

  3. Love our little Lukester, such a good-natured little guy. Already one year old. That’s hard to believe.

  4. What a sweet boy! Breaks my heart that he is sick all the time. Hope to have this throwing up business done with very soon. Let’s get some meat on his bones! Happy Birthday little Lukie!

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