Nine months and the 4th

I know I say this with every post about Jack…but who can believe that he is 9 months old already???  I cannot.  We went to the doctor last week for his check-up.  He is a strong and healthy little man.


20 lbs. 7 oz. (50th percentile)

30 inches (90th percentile)

47 cm. head (90th percentile)

He is really developing his talking voice a lot.  He loves to say Dadadada the most.  We bought a new little push/walking toy for him.  He had absolutely no learning curve with it.  We stood him up in front of it and he pushed it right across the room.  And, of course, got mad when he was stuck against the wall.  He loves to walk everywhere holding your fingers.  But he instantly clams up when you start to let go.  So I think walking might still be a month or so away.

He pretty much eats everything these days.  And he still has yet to meet something he did not like.  He even ate mushrooms off our pizza the other night.  This love for everything edible led to our first call to poison control on Sunday.  He was playing in our “office” garbage can here by the desk while Dan and I got ready for church.  As we were heading out the door, I noticed he had pink all over the collar of his shirt.  I immediately got worried remembering back to the time I threw away one of Dan’s iron pills in that garbage because I found it on the floor and didn’t know what it was.  Sure enough, upon further investigation, I found the pill with all of the red coating sucked off on our bedroom floor.  I guess once he got the sugary coating off and tasted the actual iron pill, he realized it was disgusting and spit it out.  I didn’t think much of it since he didn’t seem to get too much of the actual pill until we read the bottle and it said that iron overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in children.  Say what?  Who knew that?  Anyway, the guy Dan talked to said he was fine.  Even if he has ingested the whole pill, he would have been fine.  But we were in panic mode for a brief moment.  Not the last panic moment in our lifetime, I am sure.

We had a great Fourth of July.  We went up the Granite community’s pancake breakfast and that night was the traditional Pett family carnival and BBQ.  It was such a lovely time.  I feel complete now that I have one of Grandmas’ home-sewn purses that I picked up with my carnival tickets.  Jack loved all of the kids and being outside.  We missed the fireworks this year.  It gets dark here so late.  Jack was into a deep sleep by the time they started.  Perhaps next year, with an almost 2-year-old, we will be able to stay out a little later and enjoy my favorite part of the holiday.   Until then, we were content to watch all of the shows in the Salt Lake Valley from our bedroom window.  Happy Birthday America…you are the greatest!


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  1. I think he’s bigger than Tommy now! Course he looks so little in the hammock. Too cute. Glad you had such a good fourth. One day I hope to make it out to the Utah festivities.

  2. Dang Quizz… snoopin in the trash already for goods. The kid is straight up resourceful. But lay off the iron kid, you’ll get your share soon enough.

  3. Oh, the fun begins! Jack is just to curious about everything. We’ll have to invest in a playpen and corral him. That will go over real big won’t it. I do think that hair of his is starting to lay down a bit. He’s always so happy. I love the pose of him with the ladder-ball game. Such a cutie! Sorry–so many random thoughts from grandma.

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