I’m back…and going to attempt once again to get caught up!

This little one had 3 ear infections in November alone.  So we met with the ENT and decided to do tubes.  On December 11th, after a bunch of preliminary meetings because of his never ending cough and cold, he had tubes put it.  I was really hopeful that it would help with his throwing up issues.  And the doctor said that she sucked puss as thick as peanut butter out of his ears.  How sad is that!  Despite his medical problems all the time, he is the cheeriest baby.  His vocabulary took off these months.  He is a little parrot and copies everything we say!

We went to Sophie’s preschool Thanksgiving program.  She was so cute and knew the songs so well.  I was so proud of her.  She seemed so grown up.  Jack went ahead and joined in on all the songs too since he was just there last year.  Hahaha…it was pretty funny.

Jack is thriving in Kindergarten.  Sometimes we just have to document his skills.  His teacher is always complimenting him on his handwriting.

I captured these photos the day before Thanksgiving.  I can’t believe they are all looking.  I love them most in the world.  And their dad who was a busy worker man during Thanksgiving this past year.

One Saturday I was at Walmart and Santa and Mrs. Claus were in the house.  I was so happy that they let me take my own picture unlike the mall.  Luke was not a fan but not hysterical!

We rode the train to Temple Square.  We had such a warm December that it was actually a really pleasant experience.  Jack and Sophie were so cute and wanted to take pictures everywhere.  I love Temple Square at Christmas.  It is so beautiful.  The kids were worn out and fell asleep on the train ride home together.


We loved being in our new house this Christmas.  Dan and his dad worked hard getting the tile up around our fireplace.  I love how our stockings looked hanging up.  The Christmas tree is always a hit.  It is my favorite thing to turn the lights on at night while we are relaxing after putting the kids to bed.  We had our friends, the Megehee’s over for dinner and to decorate cookies.  The kids really had a great time together.  Christmastime is the best!

We went to Jack’s Christmas program at school.  The tree hat he had on was bugging him so much that he sang next to nothing.  He just messed around with the hat.  It was still cute to see him and all his buddies.  He is the best Kindergartener!

I also got to go to Sophie’s small dance performance.  It was absolutely adorable.  She is the cutest little dancer and she did really well staying on beat and following her teacher.  We don’t get to watch her dance very often and she rarely will performs at home when I ask, so I loved seeing how she was progressing.  It’s really cute!


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  1. Hurray for pictures of your darling kids!!! I can’t get enough. Their smiles are just amazing. PS does that lady do dance classes out of her home?

  2. Wish I could come to all of these performances. Hopefully we will get to come see your house all decorated for Christmas in 2015. Great printing Jack, Jack. and Sophie and Jack asleep on the train is a killer. Exhausted!

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