Christmas 2014

We really wanted to start the tradition of having Christmas at home this year.  But as time got closer, I started thinking it might be fun to surprise my family in California.  It just sounded so awesome.  But Dan ended up having a colonoscopy scheduled for the 23rd (which showed no Crohn’s disease! Yea!) so that made it impossible.  But all things work out for a reason.  The night before Christmas Eve Sophie and Jack both woke up in the night throwing up and spent most of Christmas Eve under the weather (but thankfully were back to normal by Christmas day).  That sure would have been miserable to deal with on the road!  And, as it turns out, having Christmas with our little family was really, really cool.  We liked it a lot!  We spent some time on Christmas Eve reading Luke 2 and talking about the Savior’s birth.  We then watched Home Alone 2 (edited a little for language) which the kids thought was so so funny.  It was awesome to hear the kids run up the stairs in the morning and find their gifts.  They were so excited!  So I am really happy with how it all turned out.  We also woke up to a snowy, snowy day which was so neat.  It was the first snowfall of the season and it was a lot!  The kids really loved building a snowman and playing outside.  We were able to Skype with my family and the Herway’s which we loved!  We went to Dan’s parents house later in the afternoon and had a nice dinner and opened more gifts.  It was the perfect day!

The day after Christmas, once the snow cleared enough, we hit the road for California to be with my whole family.  We ended up staying the night in Las Vegas since traffic through California looked pretty bad that night.  We had a good overnight and then hit the road.  We made it to Bakersfield by lunch time where we met everyone at our favorite sandwich place, Sequoia.  The rest of the week we just spent time with cousins and played lots of games.  We went bowling one day and to the park.  And also watched a lot of college football.  It was a great little week long trip.  When we were pulling out of my parents driveway Jack started to cry.  He said “I have just had the best time here.”  That is too sad.  Then I cried too.  Living far away is hard sometimes!



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  1. Podge rockin’ the overalls at the bowling alley is killing me. What an awesome Christmas for your fam! You got so many great pics of those cute kiddos. Best time ever!

  2. I was going to say the same thing about Podge’s overalls. Killer! Christmas time is the best. Glad you all got feeling better and could join us!

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