Chore Time!

I am convinced Jack is ready for his first chore chart.  He loves to help with everything.  Someday I know he will despise the chore chart, but for now, I like to dream that he will love it as he does today.


He has superhuman hearing when it comes to the dishwasher being opened.  He crawls so fast to get to it.  And it breaks his heart when I close it before he gets there.  And who says this kid doesn’t have Grossen eyes.  Look at the first picture!


He also loves to help with the laundry and is fascinated with the dryer.  I hope he crawls in one day so we can snap a classic photo of that.


He likes to help me with my make-up, which I am thankful for, cause unlike some people, I loathe the getting ready routine.


And of course, outdoor chores which will inevitably end up on his list.  Doesn’t every male child have to be the lawn-mower at some point in life?  He loved the sprinklers.  It reminded him of the splash area on our cruise, I think.  He was happy as a lark until he was soaked and shivering!


And finally I had to include these pictures that Richard took on the Fourth of July.  Can you even believe how cute they are?  He sure wouldn’t look at me when I was trying to take a picture, but as soon as Grandpa came with his beauty of a camera, he was all smiles.  Funny boy.

And because I forgot about one hundred things that Jack is up to now that he’s nine months…here they are!  He sleeps through the night, he loves to read stories, he refuses his binkie, so we have given it up, his first tooth is in without too much drama, he waves bye-bye, he still loves everyone including all strangers and animals, and the pictures are not deceiving you, his hair really is starting to lay down, which has made us realize how long it is getting, which has made us think that perhaps a haircut might be in the near future!  Stay tuned.

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  1. Amy, Jack is so cute and getting big so fast. It is so true about chores. There must be something with the dishwasher because Cassie loves it too. I try to do dishes when she isn’t around or in the high chair.

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