January Days

Here is a summary of our January.

Mrs. Pony made her first appearance.  This is Sophie’s teacher name.  She likes to be a teacher and give us tasks to complete.

Back when Luke could eat any cereal, he loved Lucky Charms (who doesn’t right!).  But his favorite part was to sift out the mallows and dump the actually cereal part on his tray!  Haha…smary boy.  We spent some time at the Curiosity Museum which is extra fun.   We went to IKEA and Luke saw this “woof woof” and wouldn’t put it down.  I got it for him because honestly, his life is hard and he deserved it.  This kid loves Cafe Rio just like the rest of us!

Jack made up his own algebra problem and solved it to the best of his ability.  Didn’t have the heart to tell or teach him about the order of operations.   In due time, little buddy.  Kindergartner doing algebra?!?

Lots of swinging days in January.  It was so warm.  Not a flake of snow in sight!

I took a 4 week photography class through January and February with my good friend Alicia at UVU.  It was something we had been wanting to do forever and it finally happened.  I learned a lot of things and had fun practicing what I was taught.  But the conclusion I came to is that if I want to take most excellent photos, I need a way nicer lens.  And turns out I am pretty cheap so it probably won’t happen.  But I loved getting a better understanding of how the camera works!  So here is a sampling of my work!  The random guy in the photos is the teacher.

We were able to spend some time up at Snowbird which is always a great time!  We thought we would try Sophie out on the skis this year.  And she did so good in the backpack with Dan.  I was so proud of her.  Jack had no problems and flew down Chickadee every run.  I pretty much couldn’t watch him.  He was making me so nervous, going so fast and seeming somewhat out of control.  But then he always was able to stop so he must have been fine.  Paranoid mom!  We all went out together to enjoy some night skiing.  It was 9 degrees!  Froze our faces off!  I love that my kids are learning to love skiing!

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  1. Ha ha, we have the same picture of Ellia with that dog from IKEA, he is affectionately named Cuddles, and that’s exactly how we ended up buying it for her. It just pulled on our heart strings, what’s even worse, is that I fell for it again. They now have a bigger version of that dog and she would not let him go, so I bought her for her (granted, it was her birthday). I could sure use some of that January weather now, bring on the sunny days. You’ll have to teach me some of your photography tips.

  2. So great that you got to do a photography class. Your photos look excellent. And you can definitely tell a difference between those and phone photos, so who needs a more expensive lens. I love the picture of Luke in the fridge. Hopefully one of these years we can all ski together.

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