On February 1 our Luke turned 15 months.  He has grown up so much in the last few months.  He has 4 teeth on the top now and 2 on the bottom.  His vocabulary really came along in the last few months.  And by his doctor appointment we counted that he was up to 25 words.  It is so fun to see him learn new things and grow.  Around 14 months, he started to become an independent walker.  He loved to walk with his hands in the air to keep his balance and we loved that!  I took away the binkie in mid-January.  That is always a hard transition.  It took him about a week to adjust.  It always seems like naps suffer the most when the binkie is gone, and Luke was no exception.  Right around his 15 month mark, he started to transition to one nap during the day and that seemed to help get him back on track.  He is starting to get some pretty strong opinions about all things in life.  Toddlerhood is really setting in.  He likes to back all the way up until he hits a wall when he is mad.  It is pretty funny.  He loves to read books and is starting to be really interested Elmo.  Despite the move towards independence, it still is a fun age watching him discover the world!  At this doctor visit he was 19 lbs. 8 oz. (10%), 30 inches (14%), 19 1/4 in. head (97%).  We were so excited that he was back on the charts for his weight!

The kids enjoyed a fun month at school.  Sophie has really loved going to Mrs. King’s preschool.  She does a fun dragon around the Chinese New Year and I loved Sophie as Abe Lincoln!  And despite a few hiccups in the behavior department, Jack is thriving in school.  How cute is his Cat in the Hat for Dr. Seuss Day!  We were able to put into a place a card system with his teacher.  So each day he would bring home either and red, yellow or green card based on how he did that day.  And depending on how he did we would enforce punishments or give rewards at home.  His biggest issue was bothering his friends who were still trying to finish their work when he was already done.  He is a social guy so we just had to work on his ability to recognize when it was time to be quiet and listen vs. play at school.  He actually did awesome once the system was in place.  And ended up earning some really great rewards like a sleepover at Kerri and James house.  After about 6 weeks, his teacher and him decided he didn’t need to do the system anymore.  He was doing awesome.

We started a chore chart at our house which has been working out good.  But I had to laugh when Jack found it and decided to assign the responsibilities himself!

We took the kids to a BYU basketball game one Saturday night.  It was fun to be there together.  And we never like to miss an opportunity to get a cougar tail!  Yum!  At that game they were giving away free glow sticks.  They really kept Luke occupied which was nice since he was a little squirmy about 10 minutes into the game!


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  1. Jack’s version of the chore chart is my favorite! I can’t believe how big all these kiddos are getting!

  2. Can’t wait to hang out with Lukie. Speaking of chore systems and behavior systems…I need to get some new ones going before school gets out. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stick with one system?

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