Wedded Bliss

On March 27 the last of us Cosby kids was married.  Deeds finally got hitched!   We really love Kimmy and are so excited to have her in the family.  She fits right in with us and is able to handle Deeds which is really great.  They were married in the Brigham City Temple.  It was a beautiful morning.  After the sealing and luncheon we made our way up to Chesterfield, Idaho for the reception.  Kimmy grew up on a cattle ranch in the wide open spaces of Idaho.  It was so scenic there and really quite remote.  I enjoyed seeing where she comes from.  We rented a house in Lava Hot Springs (the nearest town with hotels about 20 miles from Kim’s house) with the whole family for the night.   It was fun to stay together.  Then we went our separate ways the next day.  It was an awesome family weekend!


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  1. Wow, looks like you really lucked out with great weather in March. You should have stayed in my brother-in-law motel there in Lava 😉

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