Anniversary and Daddy Time


Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary, and I guess the saying is true…”Time flies when you’re having fun.”  I can’t believe its been 2 years.  It seems like yesterday.  And since just the other day Dan said that our blog is not for sappy, lovey crap, I will just say that I love him and we are super happy!

Jack loves his Daddy.  I was told early on that no matter how hard I tried, my boy would never think of me as he thinks of his daddy.  Boys just admire their dads in different ways.  And I already see it coming true.  I don’t feel bad about it.  I know Jack loves me.  But he really loves his dad.  I love watching him crawl to the front door so fast when he hears Dan come home.  And I love how much he laughs when Dan is playing with him.  It is super cute.  Here are some of the photos from yesterday’s playtime.


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  1. Yay for 2nd annniversaries. Happy Anniversary! Sorry to hear about the power going out on your adventure in Park City. I hope you enjoy it today!

  2. Did I say the words “sappy, lovey crap”?

    The trick to love with Jack is eggos and lucky charms in the morning and walking up and down the stairs and around the island non stop.

    The trick to love with you is Jeopardy and crosswords

  3. Happy Anniversary! And I know what you mean with the kids loving their daddy more. Tommy cries when he leaves in the morning and they have a major fight over him when he comes home. It’s cute. I really enjoy seeing my older bro as a Daddy. Jack is one lucky kid to have the two of you!

  4. Happy Anniversary… you look so lovely in your wedding pictures! That is adorable that Jack loves his daddy so much!

    The middle 4th of July picture in the post below is fantastic – love Jack’s expression!

  5. How fun! Kids love their dads more because they see mom all day and she’s the one that has to say, “No, no no, don’t get into that.” But in Dan’s defense I have to say he really is a great dad and is very involved in his child’s life. Way to go daddy Dan!
    See you in 16 days baby Jack! Oh, and happy anniversary lovebirds!

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