We had a pretty low key Easter.  Easter was on Conference Sunday this year so we were able to take it real easy.  In fact, I never even took a picture of the kids in their Easter outfits this year since we didn’t even go to church.  Failure!  Earlier in the week, Luke had come down with a stomach bug.  I was hopeful that it would just be him since we all seemed fine 3-4 days past when he was sick.  But Saturday afternoon, Sophie started throwing up.  Bummer!  Thankfully she was fine by Easter morning.  The kids found their baskets in the morning and then we did our Easter Egg hunt and decorating of eggs.  We had a great time as a little family remembering the Savior and His gift for us.  I loved listening to Conference on Sunday and felt peace in our current situation in life with Luke’s disease.  Later that afternoon we went to Grandma Pett’s for dinner and more egg hunting.  As we were leaving there to head up to Richard’s Easter party, I started to feel sick.  As soon as we got there I started throwing up.  We stayed long enough to have another egg hunt and to talk to family.  In the middle of the night that night, Dan started to get sick and by morning Jack was throwing up too.  So we all ended up being sick on that Monday.  What a fun way to start Spring Break!  Blah!  But here are the pictures of our events!

Sophie fell asleep during the afternoon session on Saturday.  That should have been our first clue something was up.  She woke up and started puking!

Surviving the final session of Conference with a few Elmo shows and some Dum Dums.  It is a long weekend with kids!

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  1. Oh man how I hate the stomach bug! Glad you still had a good Easter. Your Christmas was almost ruined by it too right? And don’t worry, I have a year or two of missing pictures of their Easter dresses. Sometimes we have to just go into survival mode.

  2. Look still looks like a baby in these picks. He’s a full blown kid now. Amazing what a few months can do–being more healthy helps a lot too, of course.

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