April days

Luke went through a phase where he woke up from his nap everyday with a serious attitude.  Had to document.

Mid April snow showers.  Normally that would be so discouraging.  But since it was only the 3rd time it snowed all year, we thought it was pretty fun.

Sophie had her first pedicure and thought it was such fun.  Many more to come baby girl!

Luke graduated from his baby carrier one week shy of 18 months.  He finally grew past 30 inches tall!

Jack learned how to ride without training wheels.  He just decided he wanted to do it and there’s been no looking back.  He also lost his first tooth on April 28th.  I was surprised how much it got to me!  Just made me think that he is growing up and I can’t even stop it from happening!

Daddy-daughter super hero date.  They had the best time together!

My mom spent about 4 weeks here surrounding Porter’s birth.  Luke loves to give Grannie Jannie loves.

Porter Allan Taylor was born on April 27th.  We all love him and think it is so fun to have a baby so close by to love on.

3 Replies to “April days”

  1. Ellia is still going through a phase of waking up from her nap with a serious attitude. Let’s hope we have the same kind of winter this year!

  2. That’s fun to have Sophie get a pedicure with you. I need a little lady someday! What did Dan and Sophs do on their date? Fun times!

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