Wrapping Up

On May 16th Sophie had her final dance recital of the year.  She has really loved dance this year and we are so proud of the progress she made.  She is a good little dancer, stays on beat and knows her routines so well.  We all loved watching her perform so much.  We are excited that she will be going back to Miss Tanya’s class in the fall.

We had a lot of end of the year activities at Jack’s school.  One day we were able to go visit his class where everyone had their animal dioramas on display.  Jack did his about a gorilla.  It was fun to put together with him.  He took total creative control which was awesome!  We also attended his school’s 5K run one morning.  The Kindergarten class only did a 2 mile run.  But Jack and Sophie ran the whole thing.   I was so proud of them.  And finally we attended the Dance Festival.  I thought it was so fun to watch the different grades perform.  Luke however was a miserable child that day for whatever reason and so we sorta had to suffer through it!  Jack had such a great Kindergarten year and we owe that mostly to Mrs. Story.  She was a wonderful teacher for Jack and we will miss her next year!

Sophie finished at Mrs. King’s the end of May as well.  She was in a very sensitive phase the end of May and refused to perform the songs and skits at her end of the year program.  I was so sad about it especially because I knew how well she knew the songs.  So sad.  But thankfully she did let Mrs. King give her the diploma and posed for a picture.  We have loved Mrs. King for preschool and will miss going to her house.  But I am thankful to not have to make that Draper drive twice a day, twice a week!

And here are a few random shots from the month of May

Luke was wild in the bath one night.  I probably have like 20 pictures of this one bath!  He was screaming and splashing like a crazy person!

Sometimes, well a lot of the time, our basement looks like this.  And we have a major clean session that makes us all feel so good.

Jack lost his other bottom tooth and grew up just a little bit more…sigh.

We took the kids to Classic Fun Center one night.  It was seriously so fun!  Loved every second of it.  Scooter tracks, bounce houses and slides, arcade games with tickets, etc.  What more could you ask for!?

3 Replies to “Wrapping Up”

  1. So glad you captured Sophie’s curtsie…priceless!!! And her face with her teacher giving her her hat. I love it! Classic fun center was fun when I was a kid, but nothing like what it is today. It really is amazing! I seriously miss your kiddos!!!

  2. I love my little Sophie dancer! She did so well! And Luke in the bathtub…too much! I can’t believe how big Jack is getting…stop it!

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