Summer Time

We had a relaxing start to summer this year.  The first few weeks of June we spent a lot of time outside and with our friends.  It was a nice break from the school schedule. 

Jack played T-ball this summer.  He was really good at hitting the ball.  But the slow pace of T-ball didn’t really suit his personality.  He told us he thought it was a little boring!  But we had fun supporting him at practice and his games.  And I think he looks pretty cute in a baseball hat!

We went to the annual Crohn’s walk the first weekend in June.  It was at Wheeler Farm again this year and was the biggest turn out yet.  They have a lot of fun activities for the kids and a lot of local companies bring free food.  It is a good time and a good cause that we love to support.  Praying for a cure!

A few random shots from June.  Sophie is the best big sister!  She is so careful and loving with Luke.  We went to a couple of splash parks with Alicia, Audrey and Maddie.  Luke was hesitant at first but he came around!  We enjoyed a morning at the farm with Grandma, Brooke and Brittany.  It was Luke’s first time to ride the ponies and he was very brave!  We all really loved the new Pixar movie, Inside Out.  Sophie insisted on a picture!

3 Replies to “Summer Time”

  1. Tommy won’t do baseball because t-ball was so “boring” and I wish he would give it another try. I love Luke’s and Porter’s matching outfits. And don’t you wish summer could last another couple months?!

  2. Luke and P will be best buds some day I just know it! I love lazy summer days! I think Jack should take on tennis next…that would keep him busy!

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