Yellowstone Getaway

We had the best family vacation to Yellowstone this year with my family.  We stayed in Island Park in a cabin that was big enough to accommodate all of us and was right on the water.  It was so beautiful there.  There was a canoe and paddle boat for us to use which is awesome.  We loved taking the kids out on the water and looking at all the beautiful lake houses.  We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the lake which was freezing cold.  At night after the kids were down, we gathered around to play games with just the adults.  It is one of our favorite things.  There was also a game room in the house with ping pong and pool. We really had the best time.  Two of the days we spent at Yellowstone National Park.  It is so incredible there.  I can’t believe that a place like that really exists actually.  We loved stopping at the artist paint pots where different colors of clay bubble up all day long, Yellowstone Falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which is so beautiful, the Grand Prismatic which is so blue and clear and yet so weird and hot, and of course, Old Faithful and other geysers along the way.  We saw a lot of wild life but never a bear or bull moose like we were hoping.  Maybe next time.  We all got matching T-shirts which was awesome and we had endless amounts of comments.  It was quite funny actually.  We had the best time all being together and are so grateful for family that makes life sweeter.  It was a great experience to share Yellowstone with our kids and we hope to go back many more times!

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  1. So so fun and it went by WAY too fast! Pretty sure I cried at least once a day for the three days after we got home. Post pregnancy hormones! I loved counting how many times you said “best”. It really was perfect!

  2. Such a great vacation! What a fun place to explore. It is so unique. So glad you had a good time!!

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