10 months old

Big boy Jack keeps getting bigger.  I can’t believe it!  And NO this is not an announcement of any kind whatsoever, but I keep thinking, oh my goodness he is getting so much older which means I sorta have to start thinking about another baby in the near future.  I can’t imagine being prego again!  Blah.  So it must not be time just yet!  Thank goodness.

Some of the highlights of our week…


…more swimming!  And with all his Cosby aunts and uncles.  He loves his new flotation device…kind of.  He mostly likes for you to hold him so he can dip his face in the water.


…a kiddie parade and breakfast at the park for the 24th of July with our ward.  He loved the woodchips still and leading Daddy where ever he wanted to go.


….cereal and the Today Show with Mommy.  These pictures really make him look like a full-blown child.  As for me, I have a severe case of “morning look” going on.  Oh well…


…the STAIRS!  Um…I must have been on the stairs at least 75% of Jack’s waking hours yesterday.  It is making me semi-crazy!  He loves them so much.  But he still doesn’t know how to get down.  I made a conscious effort yesterday to not take him down them myself.  He has to learn especially if he is going to live his life on them because, well, I don’t want to!  He loves the railing the most.  And no matter how hard I try to distract him with everything I can think of, he still finds his way back and always looks back to me as if to say, “Hey lady, aren’t you going to follow me up here?”  Funny boy.

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  1. Don’t say…hey, lady…that killed me! I need to get the pics off my camera that I took last weekend because there were many very cute ones. I’ll post them on Facebook tonight.

  2. Tommy loves to put his mouth in the water too. He likes to drink it. Yuck. I’m SO grateful we don’t have stairs. Actually, the other day we were having a cookout out back and Tommy fell down the deck stairs…so sad. What a terrible Mommy. Jack really is looking so big, I can’t believe it, and when you think he can’t get any cuter…HE DOES!

  3. Lauren also loves the stairs and we spend too much of our day going up them! (ARG!) Jack is looking like such a little man! So cute!

  4. Jack is FABULOUS! Why have we not met this little man yet?? Oh right, different states 🙂 I look forward to the day we meet! I love his adventures… yes, Seoul is an adventurous little girl also!

  5. Cute Amy! He is getting big, I love it. Where did you get your cool water floaty thing? I’m in the market for one for Jackson.

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