4th of July

We were able to have all of the Cosby side in town for the Fourth of July this year which was really fun.  It our goodbyes at Yellowstone much easier knowing we would be reunited again in 2 weeks.  The reason for our gathering is because Porter was blessed on July 5th.  It was fun to be together for the holiday.  We had fun taking them up to the Granite Parade.  It is one of our favorite traditions and we got a lot of candy this year just like always.  We had a fun BBQ at home and then did a few sparklers.  We made some homemade ice cream and cake to celebrate the July birthdays in our family-me, Kara and Kimmy.  It was so tasty!  We then drove to the Cabela’s parking lot to watch the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point.  It was pretty awesome.  Love this holiday and America.

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  1. Oh the Granite parade!!! Nothing beats it. One of my favorite things! I love the double sucker and the car wash. So cute. And Dan on the grill…classic.

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