We have been wanting to do Lagoon for a few years now so when the Trujillos invited us we knew we had to do it!  The Bawdens joined us too so that made it really fun.  There is actually a really good deal during the summer where tickets are 2 for 1 after 5 pm.  So we got to play for 6 hours at half price and it was awesome.  Our big kids loved every second of it!  We were so proud of how brave they were riding some of the “bigger” rides they have there.  Jack’s favorite ride was Tidal Wave and Sophie loved the Dueling Dragons.  Luke did great.  He stayed up the whole night which was crazy and loved riding the carousel and train.  So we had a a scary moment at the end of the night.  As we were heading out Dan asked me if I had the spare keys for the van in my purse.  And I told him that I kept them at home so no I did not have them.  And he told me that he couldn’t find the keys, they weren’t in his pocket.  So we went into panic mode.  It was already 11 pm and I just had the vision of us sleeping over at Lagoon!  So while I went to ask for help from the workers, Dan went off to the Wild Mouse ride where he had just been with Jack.  (Side Note:  When we were last at Lagoon 8 years ago, Dan lost his cell phone on Wild Mouse.  It is a crazy ride!)  I was just getting the workers together to come take me to our car to unlock it so we could get our garage opener and one of Dan’s sisters could take us home to get the spare keys.  We were in for a long night!  But suddenly Dan appeared and he got them.  They were just pulling them off the Wild Mouse ride when he showed up there.  What are the chances??  Two things lost out of his pockets on that ride!  He will never be allowed to take anything on that ride again!  Ha!  Prayers were answered and we were able to all drive away together in our van.  We had an awesome time.  Our kids are always asking to go back.  Sophie calls it “Little Disneyland”.  It is pretty fun!

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  1. Great great fun! Panic mode…not so much. But at least you have a good story to remind your kids how God can answer prayers 🙂

  2. awesomeeeee well except the keys thing. yikes. we tried to go to Lagoon 2 weeks ago but when we got there the line to buy tickets was 1.5 hours long. it was insane. so we went to the boondocks in Kaysville instead 🙂

  3. Some day I will go there. Wasn’t it Soph that kept calling it Galoon too? Haha! Looks like fun! Note to self…no Wild Mouse ride for me.

  4. This will cure the Disneyland thing once in awhile. I hadn’t heard about the lost keys. Glad that got solved quickly.

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