Herways Visit

In July we had a week long visit from the Herways and we had the best time!  We spent a lot of our time just hanging out and making memories.  Our older kids really love to be together and it is so fun to see them play.  Luke and Lily fast become buddies but still had a few stand offs over toys and such.  I mean they are almost 2 after all!  One day Alyson hosted a drive in movie so we spent the morning decorating cars out of boxes and then that night we watched a movie under the stars with candy and popcorn.  It was a lot of fun and so very cute.  The next day we spent with Grandma Pett.  She did a Pioneer Day celebration where we learned more about our ancestors.  It was very cool to hear their stories.  One afternoon Jack, Sophie and Rachel wanted to do a lemonade stand which was super cute.  And they made $10 from some very generous customers.  We were even able to have our cousins stay at our house one night which the kiddos loved!  Melanie and I stayed up until 4 am talking that night like two teenagers!  Our 30 year old selves really paid the price for that the next day!  Over the 24th we were able to go the Gardner Family Ranch near Cedar City for some camping and outdoor fun.  It was so beautiful there.  And we really enjoyed our time riding the ATV, exploring, shooting guns, watching the sunset on the ridge and eating tons of good food.  We always have so much fun with family!  Our little Luke did come down with an ear infection while we were there and he made everyone’s first night quite miserable.  He was literally up all night long moaning, groaning and crying.  Poor baby.  And we all had the worst allergies ever…non-stop sneezing!  But we know for next time that we must bring the Claritin!  It was an awesome week and we were sad to see it end!  Thanks for coming our way Herway family!

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  1. How fun to make cars and watch a movie at the drive in. Very creative Grandma Grossen. It’s always good to see Melanie’s kids and see how big they are getting.

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