Soccer Days

August days and nights were full of soccer!  Sophie did a 3 week soccer camp with her cousin Avery at the local rec center.  It was so cute and fun to see them play.  Sophie was really good and had a lot of fun.  She practiced her ever-present mothering skills when Avery was sad or shy or if another kid got hurt.  She is a great lady.  Jack started soccer in August too.  He was able to be a team with his friend Braden.  He had games on Tuesday and Saturday and practice on Wednesdays.  So it was busy, busy, busy!  It was his best season yet!  He scored a goal in every game.  He even went coast-to-coast on one of those goals!  He was very aggressive.  We were very proud of him.  He had the most amazing coach this year who really was invested in teaching the kids skills.  It was awesome.  And it really showed on the field.  They only lost one game all season.  Way to go Silver Wolves!

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  1. A true soccer mom!! That little soccer league for the girls is so so cute! And hurray for Jack…is that a victory dance? I love it! Tommy is still hoping to get a goal.

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