Jack is…

…a funny boy!  Dan put him in the sink one day.  And he loved it.  I think he mostly loved the baby looking back at him in the mirror.  He loves other kids even if it is just his reflection.


…a camper.  Kind of.  My parents were in town for the last 10 days.  For a few of those days, they went camping.  So I decided to take Jack up the mountain almost everyday for the afternoon.  He liked the mountains a lot.  But he did not like taking a nap in a tent in the Pack N Play.  He cried and cried.  And when he finally fell asleep it only lasted for 25 minutes!  Oh well…he was still a happy boy.  And one night, Dan came up after work.  Jack got to tried his first toasted marshmallow and see fire.  It was a lot of fun!


…a talker.  He can successfully say a handful of words.  Mama and Dada are up on the top of his list of favorite words.  He can also say clock, up, fish, bump and “Hop on Pop.”  It is not a joke.  He sees the book “Hop on Pop” and says “Pop pop pop”  everytime.  It cracks us up.  We have video proof which we will post later.  And I swear the other day after I said the word afterwards, he copied it exactly.  It was super funny.  Guess we already have to be careful what we say around this one.


…and finally…a WALKER!  It is a fact.  Now I wouldn’t call him a full force walker yet.  But if we stand him up, he can easily walk across the entire room.  The last couple of days he has even let go of things and walked to something else.  So I guess we will say he is semi-proficient at it.  We are just waiting for him to stand up in the middle of the room and go on his own.  My favorite scene is when I get him undressed before bathtime and say “Go to the bathtub” and his little nudey bum toddles out of his bedroom straight to the bathtub!  So cute.

5 Replies to “Jack is…”

  1. Amy, Jack is getting so big. It is so fun at first when they start to walk. It is fun to see all of his cute pictures. We will have to see you sometime soon.

  2. Fun times! Can’t wait to see that video of Jack walking! He’ll be starting school before we know it.

  3. Don’t be rude Deeds! Jack will be bossing his siblings around to get him gum because he’s the awesome oldest. Love this kid!

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