Birthday Girl

How do these kids grow up so fast!?  Sophie turned 5 this year.  I told the kids early on this year that we wouldn’t be having friend parties this year so we made sure to have fun with our family!  In the morning on Sophie’s day we played with Isaac and Wyatt and then went to Chick Fil-A for lunch.  Then after nap time, we had the cousins over for a pinata and cake.  We opened a few presents and then played.  Dan was even able to leave work early to come so that we fun.  It was a simple day but she loved it!  Sophie is the sweetest 5 year old lady.  She makes my days much better.  She is a nice helper and a little mother to Luke.  I can count on her to help with anything.  She is really into My Little Pony right now.  It is her favorite show.  She still loves all things princess which is so great.  She loves to play house with anyone who will.  But she is also happy to play with a light saber and dinosaurs.  She is my little artist and loves to color pictures for everyone in the family.   She is getting great a reading, recognizing a lot of words and working hard on blending sounds.  She has recently mastered counting to 100, even by tens.  It is really cool to see her little mind comprehending counting.  She hates seeing blood and will automatically freak out when she sees it.  She is obsessed with Band-aids and thinks they will cure anything.  It makes me a tad crazy.  She is a good cleaner and a big help when it comes time to clean up all the toys in the basement.  She tries her best to do whats right.   And she is very sensitive when she knows she has broken a rule or hurt someone’s feelings.  When I raise my voice at her (which I feel like is not very often) she breaks down and says “Mom, you scared me.”  Sweet, tender lady.  I just love her so much!


41 lbs. 8 oz. (82%)

44.5 inches (85%)

We got the sweetest picture from Kate on Sophs birthday!  It made Sophie so happy to hear from Kate Kate!


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  1. We were so sad to miss out on the birthday festivities, darn colds! Can’t believe she is 5, she’s a cutie! Everyone makes such fancy cakes in this family. Maybe my next kid will like cake so you can teach me your skills.

  2. Ah, I miss that Sophie girl! I was thinking I should do friend birthdays every other year…but then I realized that family makes up for it. So nice! I sure love the piñata pictures and Sophie blowing out her candles.

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