Birthday Boy Jack

Jack is 7!  We just can’t believe it.  On his birthday I was able to take donuts to his class for a small celebration there.  And then when he came home from school we headed to Kangaroo Zoo which is a place full of blow up bouncy houses and slides.  It was a lot of fun and he thought it was pretty neat to have Dan along with us.  We went to Taco Bell for dinner which was his request.  I thought that nothing was more funny than that.  He could pick anywhere and he picks Taco Bell.  Hahaha…it is pretty delicious actually.  After that we headed home and had the cousins over for presents and cake and ice cream.  Jack wanted a Plants vs. Zombies cake this year.  I tried my best and it was really made easier by all the action figures he had just been given by Grandma Grossen the week before.  It was a fun day with our boy.

This was the sunrise on Jack’s birthday when I was out for my run in the morning.  It was shaping up to be a good day already.  And a little selfie we snapped on the way up to school.  He is so great!

Jack at 7 is a great kid.  He loves to ride his scooter and has mastered riding his bike.  He is full of energy and makes friends easily.  He is a great student and at the top of his class.  He really does excel at everything he does.  His teacher has commented that he is very respectful.  That when he is getting a little out of hand, she just has to remind him to obey and then he is quick to shape up.  I am happy about that.  He loves watching football and of course, loves the Cougars.  He is into all things video game!  He loves Mario games and Plants vs. Zombies and was recently introduced to Minecraft.  Heaven help us.  He is loving Star Wars right now and it has been fun to see it influencing his play with his friends.  He loves his siblings and knows just how to push their buttons.  But he is quick to show love when he knows they are hurting.  He has quite the imagination and is always saying “Hey mom, you know what?…” and then proceeds to tell me some scientific fact he’s learned at school or about some creature he has made up in his brain.  He is pretty independent and I am having a hard time letting go.  He would roam the neighborhood freely if I would let him.  I’m really proud of him and all he does.  He tries hard to make good decisions and to be happy.  Can’t believe we are one year away from baptism!?!  Love my Jack Jack.

Stats at 7:

55 lbs. (60%)

51 1/4 inches tall (95%)

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  1. That’s definitely a little Grossen baby right there. It must be Brooke’s little one. Very cute! Way to go with the cake Ame. You should start a business. Love our big boy, Jack, Jack!

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