September Wrap Up

Just a few more pictures from September.

Jack lost his first top tooth by falling out of the swing onto his light saber.  It was loose but not close to falling out.  To this day, there is still no sign of the permanent one coming in!

Jack and his friend Crew from school.  I loved them standing in line for class this morning.  Cute buddies who cheer for different teams!

We got to watch Isaac and Wyatt for five days this month while Ryan and Kara went on a trip to Alaska.  The kids had a lot of fun together and they were all really so good.  We went to the Dinosaur Museum one day with our friends and enjoyed some ice cream afterwards at the cafe.

We’re still loving our buddy Porter!  He is so cute, a little mover, and a big Cougar fan.

Some random Luke shots from my phone!

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  1. All the kids at the bar…so so cute!!! And I just want to eat that Lukester! You don’t get any cuter!!!!

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