I was able to go to Jack’s Thanksgiving Feast at school.  His teacher Mrs. Christensen is the nicest lady.  He is loving 1st grade.  And I loved this little paragraph that came home one day about his perfect pie!  He is an awesome kid.

We went to Classic Fun Center to celebrate Sophie finally not wearing a diaper to bed at night!  Wahoo!  For whatever reason, it took her forever to stay dry at night.  But really, once she decided, she has been flawless.  These kids loved riding their scooters all around!

We had the best Thanksgiving this year!  We really know how to do food around here and the meal was delicious.  James cooked the most delicious turkey.  It was amazing.  And Kerri really knows how to make some pies.  Sophie and I helped her out but it is really all her doing.  We were excited for Deeds and Kimmy’s announcement that they were pregnant and due in June.  Pretty fun times.  On Friday afternoon we were able to go to Richard’s house for a Grossen Thanksgiving which was really fun.  Some of Dan’s cousins were there that we don’t get to see too often so it was fun to catch up.  Also during the long weekend we were able to go see The Good Dinosaur which I really loved.  And we also made the trek down to Provo for the BYU Basketball game.  We sure love our Cougars and all the treats we get to eat there!



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  1. Jack’s pie paragraph just warms my heart! It really was such a great weekend! I wish it could happen every week!

  2. That turkey does look SO good. Jack has such neat handwriting! I sure love his ode to pie. Fun times!

  3. Love your kids, all the pictures and your posts. I am not very good about getting on and checking them much anymore. SORRY to be so behind.

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