White Christmas

We love Christmas at home.  It has been so fun to do the last 2 years!  This year we went to Grandma Pett’s Christmas Eve gathering.  It was lovely of course.  And Jack was even able to have a speaking part in the nativity this year!  When we got home we had plans to read Luke 2 and then set out our cookies for Santa.  But for some reason all of the kids ended up in tears.  I cannot even remember what happened…fighting about something I’m sure.  I’m pretty glad that I decided to take pictures of all their grumpy faces!  We decided that was our sign that they needed to just get to bed after a lot of late nights in a row.  So we set out the cookies, took our traditional pictures and then it was off to bed.

Christmas morning was the best.  The kids slept until their usual time and were so happy with was Santa brought.  Jack got a blue light saber, Sophie a My Little Pony castle, and Luke a stick horse.  My favorite story from Christmas this year was that right on Christmas Eve Luke started saying that he wanted a “horsey” for Christmas all on his own.  Dan and I were shocked because that really is what Santa was going to bring but Santa had no idea beforehand.  When the older 2 kids saw that he really got a horsey from Santa it really made them light up and believe even more in Santa Claus.  It made my heart so happy.  So Christmas morning was awesome.  My parents actually were able to be here with us in the morning which was so fun.  The kids were excited about their gifts, loving their Lego sets and new books.  Jack even got a new bike this year that we have yet to really break in…thank you horrible winter.  Speaking of winter, we also woke up to about 6 inches of snow on Christmas morning.  That is about the only time that I find that acceptable.  Later in the day the kids and Dan spent a good amount of time playing in the snow.  We had some really deep snow drifts in the backyard and were able to build some snow tunnels.  We also were able to FaceTime with the Herways and had visits from Grandma and Grandpa and the Trujillos.  It was a lovely day.  This holiday with kids is my #1 favorite!

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  1. Snow on Christmas is so magical! I love that you got pictures of their sad faces too. Tommy broke into tears that morning because we were taking too long. The anticipation can be too much sometimes 🙂 I love Lukie’s smile!

  2. Love the grumpy faces. Glad to see they woke up happy. Ha!Ha! I think it was actually 8-9 inches Ame but it may just be that I wasn’t real excited to see all that snow and messing up our Christmas plans. Yikes!

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