January days

January was a cold, snowy month.  We shoveled more snow this month than in the last few years combined.  But just like always, we made it through.  We kept busy by playing with our friends, doing puzzles, eating soup, hanging out with our cousins and watching a little more TV than we should have.  Here are our January memories.  I took a total of about 8 pictures the whole month.

I took down our thankful turkey and realized I hadn’t taken a picture.  We love this November tradition!  It is getting really fun now that Jack and Sophie can write their own.  They came up with some great things.

Jack made us all drinks one night.  Crystal Light with strawberries on the straws.  He’s pretty thoughtful.

I always have a lot of helpers at dinnertime.

Jack was student of the month in January.  We are so proud of him.  He is the best first grade guy around!

We found a new safe snack for Luke.  He calls them hat chips.  Luke loves to play freeze dance with his dancing robot toy.  Every time he is told to freeze, he stops and poses like this.  It is our favorite.

This lady is a puzzler.  We did these Disney puzzles over and over again.  One day she surprised me by doing the whole 150 piece puzzle by herself.  Her puzzle loving mom could not be more proud!



4 Replies to “January days”

  1. Jack is going to be a chef. He seems to make great food surprises for the family quite often. Way to be an excellent student Jack. We knew from a young age how great at school you were going to be.

    Go Sophie Girl, Grandma loves puzzles as well. That is a great accomplishment.

    Luke, I love the freeze position you pose. That is hilarious and the “hat chips” is pretty classic as well.

    Love the Turkey feather idea. Great way to get the kids involved in realizing their blessings.

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