Destruction is Jack’s middle name

He is becoming more and more boyish as the days go on.  He leaves a trail of destruction in his path all day long.  Good thing we own nothing super valuable!  Jack turned 11 months old on Saturday.  He is walking and talking more and more.  And he is refusing to take naps more and more.  HELP!  I think we might be transitioning to one nap sometime soon.  He can now say ball, light, boom boom boom, up, woof woof (when he sees any animal) and hot while blowing, of course.  He is starting to bite when he’s mad about something.  Isn’t he too young for that?  Dan and I have both been victims to his two little teeth.  Geez louise!  I can’t believe that like 5 months ago he could barely sit up on his own.  Babies are amazing!  How do they learn so much?  It blows my mind!


He found the wipes, the real tower of DVDs and had a grand old time with the TP one day.  I am constantly cleaning up after him which is fine.  It takes way less energy to clean up than to constantly be saying “don’t do that” or “don’t touch that.”  Plus I think it is fun to watch him explore and learn.  Although I must add that the TP incident occurred on Saturday when I was gone all day with the youth for a boating trip.  Daddy let him take it a little farther than I would have.  But I guess that is why he loves Daddy most of all!


There are still like 0 % of any pictures of me with Jack so I thought I would attempt to take some on my own.  He was not to keen on the idea.  (and p.s. maybe I do have huge eyes like Jack…at least this picture would lead us to believe so).


So I asked Kerri to take a few shots when she was here the other day.  And Jack still was trying to escape and pulling some crusty faces.  I think he likes me, but somedays I am not so sure!


He is really just a funny guy that I can’t get enough of!

7 Replies to “Destruction is Jack’s middle name”

  1. Amy,
    Jack is getting so big and is way cute. It is a wonder how fast they grow up and learn things. It is fun but I always wish for the little innocent child I had a few months before. We will have to get together soon. Byrony

  2. Oh, Jack, you are a busy little guy! Grandma will have to buy you a cage when you come visit next time. Your mom is way nicer than your dear old grandma. I’m glad you got your dad’s patience Amy. The funny thing about the pictures is that he looks so happy and proud of himself in every picture where he is getting into mischief. Oh, how more fun times are ahead! We love you Jack!

  3. He’s smiling when he’s destroying. I love it. Maybe give him something to destroy as you take the picture with him 🙂 I can’t believe how many words he has. Tommy didn’t have any at 1 and even now he’s only got a few.

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