Easter and April Wrap-up

We did the traditional Easter celebrations this year.  Our friends in Draper invited us to a little Easter party one afternoon.  It was so fun and Luke really got the hang of the egg hunt!  We colored eggs which the kids love.  I doubled the amount of eggs and still they wanted more.  It is pretty fun.  We had an egg hunt in the morning and had a nice day at church.  Easter is awesome and I loved how cute my little Easter babies looked.

Jack played a round of indoor soccer in March which he loves.  I think its his favorite sport.  He was so aggressive and scored many goals.  Jack and I went on a little date one night.  He chose to go to Thanksgiving Point to get a banana split.  We have been trying to have some more one on one time with our kids this year.  Its fun to get to know Jack better and to focus just on him.  He is a great kid.  About mid-April Jack started outdoor soccer.  And every game so far has been bitter cold.  Not my favorite!

Sophie girl is growing too fast.  She dresses herself everyday and always comes up with the cutest combinations.  We got her dance costume for her recital in a few weeks and had to try it on.  We are loving the animal print and can’t wait to see her dance!  We celebrated Porter’s birthday on the 27th by spending a little time at the park.  We love our Porter baby.  I am so proud of Sophie.  She is becoming such a good reader!  She is so ready for Kindergarten in the fall!

This little nugget is busy, busy, busy and so full of personality.  I sure love him.  Sometimes when I think ahead in life I can’t believe that it will be just me and him for the next 3 years until he goes to school.  He is my little buddy.  He does the funniest things like make our family out of tortilla chips, or put on Sophie’s sunglasses and Jack’s snow boots or mow the lawn with Daddy all on his own.  He is still 2 though so he has his share of tantrums like at church one Sunday when he was mad and went to end of our row and tried to hide.  We laughed!  But he is a good boy.  He colored silently during the whole first session of General Conference.  He has some good little buddies that we love to go and do things with.  He is finally going to nursery without freaking out!  Hooray!  And his eyelashes go on for days and days.  Love this little guy!

Dan and I had a ski date at Deer Valley.  It was the funnest.  I love skiing.  I did my first black diamond and didn’t fall!  We ended up there by accident but I had to be brave and just do it.  It was fine.  And I love the turkey chili at Deer Valley.  Hooked myself up with a nice big bowl!  Yum!

My tulips came up in waves and in all different colors.  I was loving it!

I took the kids to Temple Square and then to the Discovery Gateway museum one day during Spring Break.  They are the best kids.  And I sure love that I get to spend most of my time with them!




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  1. Boys in bow ties, Sophie’s dance costume, Luke mowing the lawn and being mad at church…I love it all!! Cute, cute, cute kids!

  2. Jack, that banana split is amazing. Nice tulips Ame. I know that is your most favorite part of Spring. Great family. Love you guys!

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