Be still my heart!

I still do not feel normal.  I am all jittery and my heart is still beating at an elevated pace.  The Cougs are victorious!!!!  I cannot believe it.  I love being a dedicated fan.  Even though sometimes it causes my heart to break, the moments like tonight make it all worth it.  Booya to everyone who thought BYU wouldn’t do it (that includes myself by the way…earlier today)!  I love, love, love college football!


Here me and Jack are on the opening kickoff.  Go Cougars!  See how calm we are…


Here is Dan after the game.  See how uncalm he is!  Geez…I tried to convince him not to do it.  Prehaps I’m boring, but think about the clean up…  But he is a true fan and a crazy one too!


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  1. Ha I knew there would be a new post about the game. I love it. You got some cute pictures with Jack it looks like he will be a big fan of BYU. Good thing you agree on a college football team. Poor Jack will just have to decide between the Jazz and the Lakers. Guess we will have to wait and see. I always love Dan’s reactions to the games. I will always remember when BYU won the U and he ran upstairs and ran out the door and ran around the circle screaming. Gotta love him!

  2. Dan, that is hilarious! I wish we could have been there for that one. I, like Brittany thought of that classic BYU/Utah game and how you ran around the neighborhood. Good times are had in the world of sports. We love you Dan the Man.

    Jack and his mommy look very cute cheering on the cougars. Does he sit watching the game at all? At least he’s in his cougar shirt. BYU fan through and through. Awesome ending for the cougs!

  3. That was truly an AWESOME game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love/hate those nail biters, heart pounders. So fun! I wish we could have watched it with you guys, that would have been even more fun.

  4. We watched to game and it was awesome! (even if we really are Utah fans) It was a great win for the Mountain West!

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