June Days

After school gets out there is always a few days of adjustment as we get used to all being together again all day.  Those can be kinda long days!  But we have jumped into summer full force with a lot of fun activities!  Here is a look at what we’ve been up to.

Kerri and I attempted to hike to Ghost Falls with these kiddos.  But we left too late in the day so who knows how close we really got.  There were tons of mountain bikers on the trail so that added an extra challenge trying to make sure the kids didn’t get mowed down!  It was sure beautiful on the trail!

We’ve spent time at home where Jack has already finished one Harry Potter book and is on the #2.  Hooray.   We’ve had lots of popsicle stained shirts and bellies from the hot sunny days.  We spent about a week playing with the Goobi magnets over and over again.  Luke built lots of “monsters”.  We have been to Thanksgiving Point a few times and it never fails, whenever my kids see that baby triceratops, they have to have a picture!

Dan turned 35!  We went to Guadalahonkey’s and had cookies and ice cream.  He got BYU season tickets for his birthday!

Sophie and I went to Mount Timpanogas Temple one night to do yard work with other girls from our ward.  We had to clean up all of the tree rings on one side of the temple.  It was pretty hard work but these girls were so good and made the most of it.  We treated ourselves to Swig afterwards!

We’ve been to the pool and the splash pad a lot of times with friends and family.  My kids are getting more and more confident in the water which is great!

An 11 year old girl in our ward hosted a 4 week summer gymnastics camp.  I have been looking for something like this for Sophie for awhile to see if she would like it.  It was perfect.  She is getting better at tumbling and it was fun to come watch her show off what she has learned.

This boy!  He found the oreos out one day.  Dan and I were busy doing chores.  And I heard him excitedly tell Dan in the other room, “I did it!  I ate all the white stuff and no black stuff because it hurts by tummy.”  He was so proud of himself.  That is quite a bit of the “white stuff” he got but I couldn’t be mad.  So funny and so smart!

4 Replies to “June Days”

  1. Season tickets?! So jealous. I’ve been meaning to have Tommy read the first Harry Potter. Thank goodness for a pool, right? What is summer without it!

  2. Loved Luke with the Triceratops pretending to be scared. He is pretty smart. I just can’t believe that because you tell him his stomach will hurt if he eats the cookie part that he isn’t tempted to eat it. That kid is something else. Love his hands up expression. Hilarious! Way to Jack with all those Harry Potter books. I think you are on #3 now. Wait until you tell your 2nd grade teacher what you have been doing all summer.
    I am sure that Sophie has found, yet another activity that she loves–gymnastics seems right up her alley.

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