Luke loves “Magoon” and we love that he calls it that!  We had the chance to go to Lagoon twice this summer.  Once with Dan’s sisters and mom and one time on our own.  It really is so fun.  The kids have the best time.  Jack and Sophie rode every big ride they could and we were so proud of them.  I went on Wicked with them the second day and screamed the whole time out of fear.  Jack proceeded to say “Mom…stop screaming…its not that scary!”  Ha!  I was totally embarrassing him.  Luke wanted so bad to be bigger so that he could join in all the fun.  Maybe in a few years little buddy!

4 Replies to “Magoon”

  1. It looks like there’s still lots for little Luke to do!! I went on a free fall ride with Kate and screamed too. I tried not to, but I couldn’t help it!

  2. Fun to see the cousins on the Grossen side. They are getting so big. Brittany’s is a little Grossen baby for sure and Brooke’s looks like Ethan. Magoon looks like a great place. You don’t have to spend all that money on D-land. Ha!Ha! but we are glad you do so we can join you.

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