When our new niece, Lynlea, was born I was going crazy not being able to meet her right away.  So Ker and I hatched a plan to load all of the kiddies into the van and head up to Rexburg for a quick overnight trip.  It was well worth the drive.  I got to see where Deeds and Kimmy live, saw BYU-I for the first time (and really, really loved it), went to Yellowstone’s Bear World (which is awesome!) and of course got to kiss the sweet cheeks of Lynlea Mae.  She is a little dolly and we loved her.  But no trip is complete without its hiccups.  Just as we were about to leave Rexburg, Sophie and Luke started having bad diarrhea.  And Sophie threw up on our drive home.  Thankfully I always come prepared with throw up containers since Jack is prone to car sickness.  Luke waited until about 10 pm that night to start into the barfing.  But it was a quick bug and we were back on our feet in about 24 hours.  And by a miracle, we kept our nasty germ away from that sweet baby girl!

Bear World is the raddest.  We all loved every second of it.  They had a little petting zoo for the kids and rides to go on.  And driving through the wild animal park was amazing.  So many bears roaming free.  And a rare albino elk which was cool.  Totally worth the money and time.  We all hope to take Dan back someday!

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  1. Oh man, the stomach bug is the worst. Especially when you’re not at home. We have cousins that live close to bear world, so we hope to go someday. It looks awesome! And that baby looks adorable!

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