July Randoms

Luke is starting to write some letters.  This was the day that he mastered the letter E.  He can now write all the letters in his name except K.  We are still working on that one.

One of the few summer nights that we got to bed early enough to read stories.

Another one of those triceratops pictures!  Hahaha.  We watched Porter for a few days while Kerri and James were on trek.  We ventured out the dinosaur museum one day.

Dan and I had a little overnight getaway for our anniversary this year.  We started out by hiking up to Timp Cave.  It was so rad!  I loved all of it.  Then we went to Park City.  Its good to getaway sometimes.

We got together one morning with friends from our old neighborhood.  We love the Halvorsen’s.  Our kids are great buddies.  I made me miss the old days.

We took a trip to the Curiosity Museum with cousins.

We picked a bucket full of apricots at James’ parents house.  And then me and Ker spent a morning making apricot jam and dehydrating them.  Yum!

One day he read all day.  I loved watching him try to take a break and then being sucked back in.  He was near the end of book #2 and he couldn’t put it down.  Love HP!

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  1. Luke is writing letters?!?! Holy goodness. The Timp Cave is on my list for my next visit to Utah! Good for you for getting away. And oh how I am jealous of that front porch swing!!! Glad it’s getting good use.

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