Soccer Stars

We had 2 soccer stars this summer!  Sophie played her first season of soccer in August.  And she was awesome!  Jack picked up right where he left off in the spring and had another great season.  This season also started goalie soccer for Jack so that was a fun change.  He is a good goalie himself and was able to score a few goals too.  Sophie was a delight to watch.  She was so aggressive and scored a ton of goals and also saved a lot of goals by playing great defense.  I wish I would have captured her face when she runs after the ball.  It is pure determination and I love it!  She can’t wait for spring to play again!  Luke tried to be their biggest fan but 2 hours of soccer, 2 times per week almost did him in!  Poor buddy had a hard time most games for whatever reason…tantrums, crying, etc.  We will try to block it out before the next season!

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  1. That is so great! It is such a relief as a mom to see your kids have these little successes don’t you think?

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