August Randoms

We were able to go to Chesterfield the first weekend in August for Lynlea’s blessing.  It is a neat place.  Some of our ancestors on Dedo’s side of the family were founders in Chesterfield. Denmark Jensen’s, my 4th great grandpa, cabin is still standing and a historical site.  It was fun to get a little tour of his house.  We had fun with the Bank’s family and enjoyed time on our land.  It is fun to live care free!  And I loved spending time with sweet Lynlea.

Luke is getting quite good at his scooter.  One night we enjoyed a trip to Classic Fun Center where he perfected the scootering art.

Took the boys to get their hair cut.  They are so handsome.

We bought Luke some undies just to get him motivated.  But we don’t have any big plans for potty training until his birthday.

Sophie did another round of gymnastics in our neighborhood.  Her cartwheels are getting much better!

We spent a morning at the museum with Audrey and Maddie.  And had to stop by the ice cream shop for a treat.  The Megehee’s just found out that they are moving to VA.  I can’t even tell you how much it breaks my heart!

We spent a week in Park City with Dan’s sisters and mom.  It was a relaxing time.  The kids loved the hot tubs.  And I was so proud of Sophie and the progress she made in swimming.  Jack is also confident now to jump in the deep end and swim to the edge.  I found some goggles at the store and they thought that was pretty awesome.  It was fun to spend time with our cousins and eat good food.  Luke and McKenna developed a cute little friendship!  It was so sweet to see.  Jack learned how to play Monopoly and of course, won the first game he played!

Kerri and I took the kids to Temple Square one morning.  Cute cousins!

Kerri, Kara and I ran a glow race near the end of August.  The atmosphere was fun but the race was kinda awful.  We just snaked through the parking lots and fields at the fairgrounds.  And it was dark which was terrible.  I almost popped my already broken hip right out of place!

Dan gave blessings to the kids before school this year.  And I know it is kinda naughty but I just had to snap a photo of Luke as he was getting his blessing.  It was too cute to pass up.  He sat there so reverently and it melted me.

August was a good, fun month.  We were busy but had fun being together!


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