Q-Tip Disaster

This was what I saw when I pulled open the shower curtain this morning…


Jack found the Q-Tips in Dan’s bathroom drawer.  He looked right up at me as if he knew he was gonna get busted.  When he saw the camera, he smiled the cute little smile and tried to look innocent.  Funny boy.

Here are a few random shots that I wanted to put up in old posts, but forgot.


Jack loves Daddy’s golf clubs which makes Dan super excited about the future with his son.


Here is Jack with his mohawk and his favorite tree.  Because of said tree and dirt pile, Jack is constantly climbing up the stairs and standing at the front door while saying “Side, Side.”  We walk all around the neighborhood.  And, you know, we do have to stop every 2.1 seconds to look at every new rock, flower, stick or crack in the sidewalk.   He is still the most observant child ever.  He notices everything.


And finally the new carseat is in!  In a couple more weeks we will be able to put him forward-facing.  I know he has no idea what is coming, but I know that he is going to love it!  This was his first ride in it.  About 20 minutes down the road he started crying hysterically, which is really weird for him.  I tried to give him his drink or his book.  He wanted nothing.  So I just said “Oh well, I guess you have to cry.”  About 30 seconds later, he barfed everywhere.  Poor baby.  Who knows what it was.  We haven’t had any trouble since, but sometimes I wonder if he gets a little motion sick like his Mommy.

4 Replies to “Q-Tip Disaster”

  1. That little boy is so cute and those pictures of your husband celebrating the BYU victory are hilarious. Hey, so I’m moving back up to Utah in October (unless plans change-Portland is on the backburner). We should get together sometime.

  2. Oh, Jack you are such a mischief maker! Not really, you’re just very inquisitive (Did I spell it right?). I love your, “I got caught face”. You look so cute and grown up standing next to that tree. Grandpa and I can’t wait for you to come explore our house. See you soon.

  3. I’m jealous, the law here says we can’t turn them forward facing till they’re two. I love the mohawk. It was great to see you guys and I can’t wait for Christmas!!

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