Birthday Girl

Our little Sophie is 6!  She is the most wonderful girl and my biggest helper.  She loves school so much.  And really is sad when its the weekend because there is no school.  It has been amazing to see how much she has improved in reading just in the first 2 weeks of school.  She is so friendly and kind.  She is phasing out of princesses but still loves My Little Pony.  She always wants to be right by my side in the kitchen when I’m making anything.  Sometimes it makes more work for me honestly, but I know how much she loves it.  And it is fun to see her starting to love cooking.  She loves to go get pedicures with me which is awesome.  She loves playing with her friends especially Harvey!

This year for her birthday Sophie wanted a snake party.  It was a big change from last year’s Frozen themed party!  And all she wanted to play was “Pin the Tongue on the Snake.”  Ha!  I thought the funnest thing to do was to hire someone to bring their snake and reptile collection.  And it turned out awesome!  The kids loved the reptile show.  The lady brought a bearded dragon, iguana, snake, tortoise and a huge bunny.  The bunny caused quite the stir because it was ginormous.  At least 15 pounds.  It was big!  Sophie was able to have the bearded dragon climb on her shirt.  I was impressed that she was brave enough to do it!  Kerri and I tried our best to create a feminine snake cake!  I think it came out all right.  All in all, it was an awesome party with 20+ kids!  Happy birthday sweet lady.  6 year stats: 47.25 inches (90%), 48 lbs (75%)

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