Birthday Boy

My Jack Jack turned 8 this year!  I can hardly believe that.  It seems like an impossibility.  He is still our busy boy.  He loves to be on the go, playing with friends, riding his scooter or bike, running in the backyard, playing monopoly, watching movies and playing video games.  He is the smartest boy and continually amazes us.  He has lost 7 teeth so far and it starting to look older with those grown up teeth.  We keep trying to fatten him up because he is so skinny and tall.  But I swear he eats more than me and nothing sticks around!  He tries hard to get his siblings to participate in his creative games.  And for the most part they are good sports and he is a patient teacher.  He is not loving school this year which has caused its fair share of problems.  But we are working on it and I hope continues to improve his attitude.

Jack went back and forth this year on what he wanted to do for his birthday party.  I kept hoping that I could just take a group of his friends to Boondocks or Classic Fun Center.  But he really wanted to do something at home.  He finally decided on an Olympic Party.  So I gathered all the best ideas that Pinterest had to offer and put it together.  Kerri helped me a lot with the signs, cake and keeping track of the medals.  There were a few hiccups with all those boys together.  But I think it turned out fun and Jack enjoyed being together with his friends.  The night of his birthday we enjoyed sushi at Tsunami.  You know your kid is big when he picks sushi for dinner!  He also wanted apple pie instead of cake so I made that up for him.   And it was delicious!  Happy birthday rad Jack!  8 year stats: 53.25 inches (95%), 59 lbs. (70%)


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  1. It turned out so great! I wish we had captured Lukie running the Olympic torch out. Haha! So hilarious!

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