September Wrap-Up

BYU Football started and that makes everyone happy!  We got a pair of season tickets this year so it will be fun to go all year.  College football is so much fun.  It is a great thing that our family loves to participate in!  Go Cougars!

We spent our last day with the Megehees before they moved.  When we drove away from our last get together, Sophie said “I feel like I might cry.”  And so did I.  Alicia was one of my closest friends in Draper.  And even after we moved we still got together a couple of times per month.  We also liked going out on dates with her and Mark.  I am going to miss her friendship so much.  The kids are going to miss Audrey and Maddie too.  Sad times.

Jack turned 8 and wanted to learn to mow the lawn.  Well go right ahead I say!

Luke is really into art.  He is a great colorer and is already awesome at writing his name.  Pretty impressive for a boy kid that is not even three yet!

James parents had so many peaches on their tree this year.  Kerri collected so many one day and then we had a day filled of canning peaches and making jam.  It really did take all day.  But it made us all feel very accomplished!

Dan’s mom took the kids to Build-A-Bear this year so that they could make a stuffed animal for their birthdays.  It was a fun Saturday adventure.  And the kids loved it.  Thanks Grandma!

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