Marriage for Eternity…

…blesses my posterity.  Dan could not stop singing that cheesy seminary song the whole day of Brittany’s wedding.  We had a fun time celebrating with Brittany and Ben.  We are the happiest for them.  Here are a million photos from their happy day!


We failed to take a family photo so here are all our individual shots.


Here are Brittany and Ben with the Grossen niece and nephews.


And here are all their nieces and nephews combined, including one set of triplets!  So cute.


My sisters-in-law.


It was really lovely.  We had the best time and are super excited for Ben to be part of our family forever.

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  1. Love the pics! Thanks for putting them up. It was fun to look at them. Thanks for all of your help that day. You guys are wonderful. Glad you were there to celebrate with us! Love ya!

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