East Coast Trip

We had this trip on our calendar for over 3 months and it was so hard to wait for.  All of us were so excited to see the Herways and visit the sites.  And it definitely lived up to the hype!  The kids had the best times with their cousins, Dan and I loved our late night chat sessions with Jake and Mel, and the sites were amazing.  The East Coast is so dreamy.  The history is amazing, the houses, the tree lined streets, the proximity of everything awesome…I just love it!  I am so happy that I had to chance to take my kids there.  We hope to be frequent visitors!

The kids were great on the plane.  They were so excited to fly and watch movies with their own headphones.  I did forget to give Jack Dramamine before the flight.  So he did get sick.  He threw up once on take off and 3 times on the descent.  Poor guy!  We doubled up on the drugs on the way home.

Statue of Liberty

Our first stop was to visit the Statue of Liberty.  I love it so much there.  It is so beautiful and even though I have been there several times, it is just as captivating every time.  This time we were able to go up on the pedestal which was a new experience for me.  It has been fun since we have been home to see how often the kids recognize the Statue on TV, movies or books.  They think its pretty cool that they’ve been there.  I love the view of the city from the boat ride too.  Such a fun little adventure.  Even if I got a little seasick on that boat ride.  Jack is not alone in his sensitivity to motion.


The next day we went into Philadelphia with everyone.  It was so fun and such a neat place.  We were able to see the Liberty Bell and visit Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  We visited the US Mint which was awesome.  So cool to see how the coins are made.  It is very interactive and the kids really enjoyed the experience.  We ate a traditional cheese steak for lunch.  It was yummy.  We walked down the oldest street in the United States and it was so beautiful.  We made it to the steps on the art museum where Rocky famously ran up and down.  That was probably one of our favorite parts.  The kids ran up and down so many times, trying to win the race.  We then took the most beautiful drive through bridge covered, tree lined streets right along side a river.  It was a highlight of the trip for me.  So beautiful.  That night we went to Harry Potter festival which was fun. Rachel, Tommy and Jack are really into HP right now so they were completely enthralled.  Loved this busy, fun filled day!

Washington DC

Jack’s #1 request for our trip was to go the DC and see the Lincoln Memorial.  And since DC is my favorite place I was happy to oblige.  So Saturday morning we made the 3 hour drive down to DC.  And it did not disappoint!  We were able to visit Ford’s Theater, the White House, Air and Space Museum, American History Museum, all of the monuments, Arlington National Cemetery and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  We saw paper money being made and that is pretty cool.  Our kids were troopers through all the walking and metro riding.  They had fun exploring these awesome places with their cousins.  And they loved staying in a hotel.  Perhaps the greatest thing was that we got to spend a day with the Megehees.  We loved that.  It was real this time when we said goodbye and I was sad.  I’m going to miss Alicia a lot.  DC still has my heart.  It is so lovely and makes me so happy.


One night we went to Princeton University campus to tour around.  I can’t believe that is a place where people go to school.  It is so pretty.  The architecture is amazing.  I’m not sure the kids quite understood how remarkable it was.  All the wanted to do was run in the leaves.  There were so many leaves!

New York City

Melanie was nice enough to drive us into the city one day.  It is so crowded, with so many cars.  I really admired her ability to navigate around.  We were able to see the 9/11 Memorial.  It was awesome.  Last time I was in NYC, Ground Zero was still a hole in the ground so it was cool to see how it is now with the memorial and the new Freedom Tower which is so tall!  I loved it and hope to go back soon to spend more time.  We then went uptown to Central Park.  It was a tad cold in NYC that day so I was worried that the kids would have a hard time.  But they did great.  By a miracle we found a parking spot on the street that gave us 2 hours to explore.  With the fall leaves, it looked amazing.  We were able to make it the corner of the park with the Plaza Hotel.  The kids love Home Alone 2 so they thought it was pretty rad to see the hotel.  Such a fun adventure in one of the best places on earth!

Crayola Factory

On our last day we went to the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA.  It was so much fun.  The kids could have stayed all day.  I think their favorite parts were making their own crayon, watching how crayons were made and making their own puzzle.  It was not very crowded so we had a lot of it to ourselves.  It was awesome.  Such a fun way to wrap up our trip.

What an adventure!  Thanks goes to Herways who taxied us around, let us borrow a car, fed us so much food and snacks and let us invade their space for 10 days!  It was amazing and I can’t wait to do it all again!



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