October wrap up

Here are the random shots from October

Jack started Cub Scouts and he LOVES it!  He says he wishes it was every night.  It makes me so happy to see him making all of these new friendships.

This kid!  I just love his handsome face.

We celebrated Isaac’s birthday Ninja Turtle style.  The kids loved despite what that first picture of Luke shows.  Who knows what that tantrum was about.  And don’t you just love that picture of Sophie holding Hudson.  She is a great lady!

We had family pictures taken over Jack’s baptism weekend.  I thought this picture was awesome of the adults trying to get the kids to look and smile!

Kerri and I took the littles to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens one morning.  They have new area that has statues of scenes from Christ’s life.  It is remarkable and so beautiful.  I was so touched by it that on that very same afternoon we went back so that Jack and Sophie could see it.  It is awesome.  I can’t wait for it to get warm again so we can go back.

I got to spend a weekend in Las Vegas with my friends from the ward.  It was so lovely.  Love my sweet friends.



2 Replies to “October wrap up”

  1. Something about those scout shirts makes them look so grown up. I love Luke’s charming smile. I sure wish I could hang out with your kids all the time.

  2. The picture of the fish is something else. Wow! Had to blow that up big to see what it was. Haha!
    Love those grandkids and the adult pic is hilarious!

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