Birthday Boy Luke

Luke turned 3 on the 1st!  It seems impossible that he is 3.  We tried to make the most of his birthday.  I took him to get his favorite pizza for lunch.  And we let him eat lots of Halloween candy.  We talked to Grandma on the phone.  He wanted so bad to go to the “Pepper Place” (aka Chili’s) for dinner.  But Sophie had surgery early in the morning on his birthday and had a hard time with the anesthesia so our attempt to go out turned into more throwing up for the lady.  It was sad.  But we had our cousins over that afternoon to sing Happy Birthday and open presents.  It was a low key party but he felt loved.  At 3 Luke is so full of personality.  Anytime he wants to make us laugh he bends way over and does his booty shake.  It is hilarious and he does it everywhere-the store, church, the doctor’s office.  He thinks it is just about the best thing.  He loves to talk especially when we are one on one.  Our drives to run errands in the morning are full of conversations about what we are doing today, his dreams last night, the other cars on the road, memories he has from the last time we were here or there.  It is awesome.  I love my little guy.  He is also good at throwing little fits when he doesn’t get his way.  He dances on his toes and gets upset.  His brother and sister are the best at eliciting said fits.  Although he fights me almost every nap and bed time with a little fit too.  He does not love that he has to sleep more than everyone else in the house.  He loves to do puzzles, play games, dress up, watch shows, play Legos, etc.  He asks everyday if we are going to Wy’s house or if he can play at Porter’s.  He sure is a fun boy!  We started potty training about a week after his birthday and it seriously took 2 days and he got it.  It was amazing.  So no more diapers!  He was an expert potty trainee!  I shouldn’t be surprised.  With all that life as thrown at this little man, he has excelled and been so brave through all of it.  Love him.  3 year old stats: 30.4 lbs (30%), 36.75 in. (25%)



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