Sophie’s surgery

Sophie’s ear tube never fell out on its own after almost 4 years so we had to schedule surgery to have it removed.  Just the Grossen luck I tell ya!  She was a sweet lady and tried to stay brave but as soon as we loaded into the car she started to cry.  She was pretty nervous.  She cried intermittently throughout the waiting process.  I told her not to worry, that it would all be over fast and that she would feel no pain when she woke up.  But I was wrong!  I’m not sure why but this certain surgery did not require a breathing tube or IV while she was under so they couldn’t give her any anti-nausea meds with the anesthesia.  And that anesthesia really did Sophie wrong.  She threw up all day.  I felt so bad for her.  She laid around almost the whole day.  But thankfully after a good night’s sleep she was back to normal.  She is the best lady.

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  1. Some of your pictures are really big on my screen for some reason. Poor Sophie, all of you have seen your fair share of the hospital room!

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